For a year old brewery, Hawkers have been smashing it! With an arsenal of award winning beer, their newest batch – the Imperial Stout scored a silver medal in this year’s 2016 Australian International Beer Awards. We managed to snag a few cases from this extremely limited range as soon as we heard the news. As first in line of Hawkers Imperial Range, keep an eye out for more of their winter warming beer to come! Perfect for pairing with some gorgonzala or a rich tiramisu.


Hawkers Imperial Stout 10%
This stout pours a deep black, with a smooth and milky tan head – imagine the cream of a double shot espresso. Aromas of biscuity malt, mocha Arabica beans, dried fruit and subtle hints of cocoa round this beer off perfectly, with even a slight wooden note. Brewed with a beautiful complexity, you get layers of roast barley, dark chocolate, dried fruit and earthy oak and vanilla flavours as the beer warms in your hand. Ending notes are similar to that of a smooth espresso. For a 10% stout, this is surprisingly easy to drink! Perfect for warming up in this cold Melbourne weather.

Get cozy, dim the lights, put on some old sweet tunes and give in to Hawkers Imperial Stout this winter!
Aroma 9/10   Appearance 5/5   Taste 8/10   Palate 4/5   Overall 26/30

With limited number of only 200 cases produced, get yours while they last at

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