Paul Kristoff has a passion for sharing stories about great local food and beers. It’s little surprise then that his online magazine, The City Lane has expanded to feature stories about food, travel and culture from Melbourne to Sydney, Chicago and London. Paul is also a co-host of popular beer podcast, The Brunswick Beer Collective. We managed to get a moment of his time to find out a little more about his favourite tipples.

Tell us about your blog and how you got started?
The City Lane started in early 2009 as a personal travel blog. I travelled around Europe for three months before moving to London and needed a place that I could use to easily share photos of my travels with my family and friends.

City Lane

What do you love most about blogging?
What I love most about writing on the website is being able to share stories about off-the-beaten path travel experiences, that provoke thought. Two examples I’m particularly proud to have been able to share are when we went Inside the Former US Embassy in Tehran (Iran) and a story on the Vietnam War and Ho Chi Minh’s legacy.
City Lane
What are you drinking at the moment?
At the moment I’m loving Mojitos and Gin and Tonics. Not the most innovative drinks out there, but hey – they are two cocktails that I always come back to when the weather warms up.
City Lane

What’s your favourite cocktail to make at home?
At home it’s usually a GandT, or a Sipsmith Summer Cup with ginger beer and fresh strawberries, mint, cucumber and orange. A simple Lillet Blanc over ice is always a good choice too.

City Lane

What tipples do you recommend?
Three drinks that Tipple offers that I’m a fan of are:
Feral Hop Hog
Lillet Blanc Apertif
Campo Viejo Tempranillo

The City Lane is an online magazine dedicated to sharing interesting articles and news related to travel, food and culture. You can let us know what your own favourite tipple is by tagging your pictures with #mytipple

*Tipples vary depending on your location, please check the website to see what is available in your area.
*All images via The City Lane.

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