This session cocktail is light on alcohol and impossible to mess up. Pairs excellent with food (especially Italian tapas).

Maidenii Classic has become the vermouth of choice for us at Tipple as it’s semi-dry, delicate and of course, Aussie made from central Victoria! Made by third generation wine-producer, Gilles Lapalus, we’ve permanently got at least a bottle stocked in the fridge. It features 34 botanical, 12 of them native with heros of strawberry gum, sea parsley, river mint, wattleseed , orange zest, bay leaf and gentian root. And that’s just 7 of the 34 botanical used. Hmmm, just writing this, I think I might pour one…
Approx. 1 standard drink | 1 minute

Rub the rim of a glass with orange. Fill with ice and pour in the vermouth then sparkling water. Stir well and garnish with an orange peel and olive.

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