Like chicken and avocado, wine and cheese were made for each other.

So, why not have both when wine o’clock strikes!

Gather a few of your besties, bros or homies for a wine and cheese night-in, on us of course if you are the lucky winner.

Here’s what you can expect.

The drinks will be flowing with $300 worth of wine from De Bortoli. It’s such an easy way to convince your friends that you’re fancy (even though we’re sure you already are) and the perfect explanation for filling up your glasses all the way to the top.

To go with your wine, Yarra Valley Dairy will have the finest cheeses for you to serve. From a premium dairy region of Australia, the handmade cheeses are delicate and delicious.

Yarra Valley Dairy specialise in softer cheeses and De Bortoli recommend sweet wines such as Chardonnay, Riesling and Viognier to accompany these.

If the letter ‘e’ takes win to wine, it definitely gets three times better with cheese. There’s an extra three of the letter ‘e’ and the cheese itself, of course.

To top it off, the prize also includes $500 worth of Tipple vouchers so that you can have another night in, except next time, the cheese will be on you.

Thanks for entering our Tipple Experience competition. Good luck!

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