When it comes to white wine there are two popular styles that come to mind: Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. A well-practiced wine drinker will generally have a preference of one over the other, but what about the novice who can’t tell white wine from white vinegar?

First up is Chardonnay wine, sometimes referred to as a ‘Cheeky lil Chardy’.

It’s pronounced ‘shar-do-nay’ with the name stemming from the Chardonnay wine grapes used to make the wine. As the most widely planted wine grapes in the world, it’s little wonder the wine is so common.

Chardonnay is referred to as a ‘dry’ white wine, meaning it lacks the residual sugar present in sweeter white wines. Chardonnay usually shows fruity flavours of citrus, pear and apple, however, the taste will vary slightly according to climate and where the grape itself was grown.

Chardonnay is a versatile wine that lends itself to warmer weather and is often paired with light delicate food like grilled fish and shellfish, but it also works well with mild, buttery and creamy dishes.

It’s best to avoid pairing a chardy with acidic foods like raw tomato, olives and bitter vegetables as it can potentially destroy the taste of the wine. Chardonnay has such a subtle nature, it can easily be overwhelmed by pungent foods – don’t say we didn’t give you a heads up.

Here are some of our favourite Chardonnays at Tipple:


Cloudy Bay Chardonnay
Flavours of stone-fruit and citrus are perfectly balanced with creamy nutty oak. Crisp and a lengthy finish.


Fat Bastard Chardonnay
Cold and slow fermentation has created a well balanced Californian Chardonnay with ripe stone fruits on the palate.


Montalto Estate Chardonnay 2015
Made with the best fruit from the estate’s vineyards; fermented and matured in quality French oak. Citrus and white peach fruits, with creme brûlée and hazelnut complexity.

Now, let’s move onto the Sauvignon Blanc, Australia’s best selling white wine commonly known as a ‘Sauv Blanc’. The French term can seem difficult to say (and spell) but is pronounced ‘sah-vin-yon-blonk’ and stems from the green-skinned Sauvignon Blanc grape, which actually translates to “Wild White”.

Sauvignon Blanc is a refreshing drop and tends to be sweeter than Chardonnay with primary flavours of lime, passionfruit, white peach and green apple, making it quite flexible on the food pairing front. Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with goats’ cheese and green vegetables, two foods that help to bring out the best flavours of the wine.

You may have heard your wine snob friend ask for the Marlborough Sauv Blanc on the menu, a famous region in New Zealand that is known for producing delectable wines. This particular wine region tends to create a richer textured wine by adding a small amount of sugar. It’s always a win-win choice if you’re a Sauvignon Blanc novice.

Here are some of our favourite Sauvignon Blancs at Tipple:


Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc
A medium-bodied white wine with aromas of guava, nettle and gooseberry and finished off with some herbal tones.


Brancott Sauvignon Blanc
A crisp white wine that displays bright citrus aromas of Tahitian limes with blackcurrant and a hint of wild thistle.


Latitude 41 Sauvignon Blanc
A delicious palate of ripe fruits from melons, passionfruit and gooseberry, with hints of oak that adds creaminess and complexity.

To wrap things up, if you like a dryer wine, Chardonnay is probably your best bet, but if you like wine that is fruitier and a bit more on the sweeter side, give Sauvignon Blanc a try.

If you’re interested in learning about Australia’s white wine drinking habits, you can check out this blog post where we take a deeper dive into our data and what suburbs are drinking what. [ link]

Last but not least, for the month of November, we have some great wines on special. Perhaps it’s time to try something new?

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Your Guide to Hosting an Adult Sleepover For Your Friends

Who doesn’t feel nostalgic for childhood sometimes?

Childhood was a wonderful responsibility-free time when hanging out was mostly about spending time with your friends. What activity you did wasn’t as important. Well, sleepovers were the epitome of childhood, and as such, hosting one is the easiest way to get transported back into that pre-adult life before responsibilities and bills, careers, and such. But an adult sleepover can have alcohol too, so it’s actually heaps better. Here’s how you make it a great one!

Be careful about who you invite

It’s so so easy to get loose in the invitation phase and invite a few people who might change the mood you’re trying to set for the night. Perhaps your sleepover plans are at the top of your mind when you bump into an acquaintance at a cafe, and before you know it you blurt out “Wanna come?” and immediately wanna kick yourself in the shins.

Remember, you really don’t have to invite everyone, it’s not your 4th grade birthday party. Don’t be mean about it obvi, but it’s fine to only invite your closest friends.

Boring adult sleepover logistics

Make sure you’ve got enough sleeping space/food/booze for everyone invited. If you don’t, ask people to bring their own. We can also pop by with cold drinks if you’re running low!

Consider the mood you want to set

Ask yourself these two questions:
How do I want people to feel during the sleepover?
How do I want them to feel after the sleepover?

Let the answers to these two guide your choices and you’re a long way towards nailing an adult sleepover.

Make it a little magical

Adult sleepovers should feel a little like regressing back to childhood. Check your worries at the door and chill the fuck out. Changing up your place a little can help your friends do this heaps faster. How? Hang those fairy lights that 14-year-old you flipped out over, and drag your mattress into the living room. Cover it in blankets and pillows and make a blanket fort.

Plan some entertainment

Every friend group is different, and we’re not gonna pretend like we know yours. But what we do know is that everyone needs some entertainment. Whether that’s board games, karaoke, drinking games, face masks, dancing, chats, video games, or movies all night – that’s up to you. Just make sure you’ve got ample options available to keep everyone happy.

Plan super easy foods and drinks (and a TON of it!)

No one wants to be in the kitchen when fun’s being had in the living room. Easy does it, so stock up on frozen pizzas, entertainer spring rolls, garlic bread, and all the crisps and chocolate in the known universe.

For drinks, think premixers, wine and beer, or perhaps even a jumbo bowl of punch! Running low on alcohol is the bane of any adult sleepover, so be the Host With the Most and order top ups until 11pm!

No adult sleepover is complete without breakfast mimosas

Your gang awakes in the morning, either smooth skinned and glowy from a night of pampering, or bleary-eyed and headachey from one too many tequila shots, to a MIMOSA BREKKIE! Yep, it’s the best and not very expensive. Your mimosas can even be delivered cold to your door, so you don’t have to worry about fridge space.

Have fun

The best way you can make sure your guests have fun is to have fun yourself, and don’t get too frustrated if plans change or if people chat through the movie. Hey, listen, you’ll knock it out of the park.

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