Espresso Martinis are currently having their moment in the spotlight, and it’s not hard to understand the love affair. After all, it is coffee mixed with alcohol, what’s a Melburnian not to love? In true Melbourne fashion, there’s even an entire festival dedicated to the king of caffeinated cocktails. 

While they can seem a bit daunting to make at home, Espresso Martinis are actually one of the easiest cocktails you can make! All you need to get started is a basic cocktail kit, but a measuring device and a jar that won’t leak when you shake the hell out of it will work too.

Starting with the basics, your foolproof Espresso Martini contains:

30ml shot of vodka
30ml shot of coffee (freshly brewed espresso or even pods will do the trick)
15ml of sugar syrup (made easily at home with one-part sugar and two parts water)
15ml of Kahlua

1. Fill the cocktail shaker (or the jar) halfway with ice.
2. Pour all of the ingredients in.
3. Seal the shaker (or the jar) and shake for almost a minute. The key to creating that thick layer of foam is to vigorously shake the mix in an up-and-down motion, making sure the ice and mix hit the top and bottom of the shaker.
4. Double strain the cocktail into a chilled cocktail glass.

That’s the most basic espresso martini you can make, and will make just under 1.5 standard drinks. You can adjust it to taste by adding less or more sugar syrup to alter the sweetness. There is no way you can stuff this recipe up, just remember to shake hard!

Looking to up your Espresso Martini game (or just show off)? Give these variations a try:
1. To create a vanilla Espresso Martini, substitute regular vodka for an equal amount of vanilla vodka
2. For a hazelnut Espresso Martini, add 15ml of Frangelico to the mix before shaking.
For a sweeter drink, try a salted caramel Espresso Martini by replacing the sugar syrup with 10ml of salted caramel syrup (or just pick one up from here)
For all the mocha lovers out there, you can create a chocolate Espresso Martini by substituting the sugar syrup with 15ml of chocolate liqueur.
5. For an Irish Espresso Martini, swap the sugar syrup and the Kahlua for a 30ml shot of Bailey’s instead. Then just add 15ml of vodka on top.
There’s an Espresso Martini to suit everyone, even the fussiest of friends.

Making Espresso Martinis at home? Tipple’s got your back. We can deliver these alcohol ingredients (plus many more) to your door in under 30 mins, cold.

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