If you want all the ‘wow’ but none of the ‘effort’, this is the cocktail for you. The recipe is extremely simple to make and uses only a few ingredients, plus it looks pretty impressive when it’s all put together.

We don’t expect you to have a fairy floss machine handy, so just pick up a bag of the pink treat from the supermarket, we can deliver you the rest.

A word of warning, don’t pour the liquid until you are ready to serve, as the alcohol will melt the fairy floss into liquid form. Science.
Approx. 1.2 standard drink | 3 minute
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40ml Vodka
70ml Cranberry Juice
Fairy Floss


1. Fill a martini glass with fairy floss.
2. Put ice into a shaker, then add vodka and cranberry juice.
3. Shake for half a minute.
4. Slowly strain the mix into the martini glass, over the fairy floss.






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