With Christmas just around the corner, Tipple is launching ‘12 Days of Tipple’ to help you stock up for the silly season.

From December 1 to December 12, each day will see a special offer released for a limited time only. From ridiculously cheap booze, to gift packs and much more, there will be something to make all alcohol lovers smile.

To kick off the campaign, Tipple has teamed up with Melbourne Martini for the launch of their swanky new product ‘Rosé Rosé’.

‘Rosé Rosé’ is… you guessed it, Rosé wine – but not as you know it. Forget clinking glasses, this Rosé is in a can!

Each can contains 250mL of Rosé goodness and packs a punch at 13.5% Alc/Vol.

To kick things off on December 1st, Tipple will be giving away free four-packs of Rosé Rosé. Yes you read that right… free! That’s an extra $28 in your pocket.

Just remember to use the promo code: 12DAYSOFROSE

Tipple will have only 100 packs up for grabs starting at 10am with a limit of one pack per customer for delivery between 11am and 4pm, so be sure to get in quick. If last time is anything to go by, Tipple and Melbourne Martini’s $2 cocktails sold out in minutes (17 to be precise).

All offers in the ‘12 Days of Tipple’ range are delivered straight to your door to save you from the near impossible task of finding a carpark at the shops this time of year.

To find out the offers for the other 11 days, you’ll need to subscribe to Tipple’s newsletter and keep your eyes peeled on their social channels.

To place an order and make the most of these deals, visit Tipple or download the app.

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