1. Rosé is older than Jesus.
Despite its recent rise to popularity, did you know that rosé is considered one of the oldest known type of wines, dating back to 600 BC?

The first types of wine were produced using ancient techniques which involved pressing the grapes shortly after harvesting, this was done with red grapes and produced the blush colour we all know and love. It wasn’t until the evolution of modern techniques that wine began to deepen in colour, creating the red wine we know today.

Try a classic from where it all began for yourself – Charmes De Prov French Rosé.

2. Don’t mix white and red, it’s not how you do it!
To many people’s dismay, modern rosé is not just red and white wine grapes mixed together. The pink colour is instead created by soaking the skin from red wine grapes in white wine. If you receive an offer to try your friend’s DIY rosé, that is them mixing a couple of bottles of leftover wine, politely decline. That stuff is nasty.

This Jacobs Creek Shiraz Rosé is an example of using a shiraz grape skin to give the wine its blush. Pretty nifty huh?

3. Don’t judge a rosé by its colour.
Most rosé lovers assume that a light hue will mean a dry wine, and a dark pink will suggest a sweeter rosé. The only way you’ll be able to know how sweet the taste is…. DRINK ALL THE WINE. Okay, there might be other ways, but shhhhh.

Need a bit of both? This rosé is smack bang in the middle of dry and sweet – a real people pleaser.

4. Rosé is a globally produced drink.
It’s no secret that the French are famous for their rosé, but what is little known today is that rosé is in fact made all over the world – including Greece, the USA, Germany and even here down under (mate).

Despite its very French name, La Bohéme Rosé, this beauty is from our very own Yarra Valley.

5. Rosé goes with everything, we repeat, everything.
Did you know that unlike the specific pairing combinations of red and white wines, rosé tastes’ fantastic with a wide range of different foods? We figure you might already have known this one, but there is no harm in reminding you! Rosé pairs great with asian flavours, fish dishes, fried food and even tastes good in a can.

Try the all new Rosé Rosé – your favourite new wine, now in a can.

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