Planning a New Year’s Eve party at your house often seems like a great idea in late November. But once December sneaks into double figures, the reality of what you’ve
really done starts to sink in. No rest for the wicked!

For those who’ve been brave enough this year to put their hand up to throw an end-of-year celebration, we’ve put together a list of party essentials that will make your NYE party one to remember.

Is it even a New Year if you don’t hear a champagne bottle pop? Make sure you don’t hold up 2018 for the rest of us and get a quality bottle of champagne to make the countdown finish with a bang. Or a pop.

We get that everyone isn’t living on a champagne budget, luckily bottles of prosecco pop too!

Drinking on an empty stomach isn’t fun for anyone, so make sure you have lots of snacks on hand for your guests. Should you run out and don’t want to leave the house, there’s no better way to welcome 2018 than with some beef jerky! To be honest,  we can probably think of some better ways, but this one’s for the devoted jerky lover. Yes, you.

Tunes can make or break a party. Music has the power to put your guests to sleep or get them onto the dance floor. If you aren’t already using Spotify, you can try 3 months of premium for 99 cents. A bloody bargain if you ask us! Plus, you can use their huge selection of pre-built playlists and trick everyone that you’re the next David Guetta.

There is nothing worse than a lukewarm vodka soda, trust us. So to avoid your guests shuddering as they sip their warm drinks, make sure that you have enough ice to last the night. As a great man once said “ice, ice baby”. Luckily we deliver 2kg bags of ice, or if you’re feeling super fancy we even have Navy Strength which might just last you until 2019.

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