Everyone knows the typical emotions that come about, thanks to different types of alcohol. The sad gin drinker, or the beer drinker that stirs up anyone who looks at him the wrong way. As always, science has come to the rescue and provided some strong evidence that these old wives’ tales might actually have some substance.

A recent study conducted by online journal BMJ has suggested that different types of alcohol elicit different emotional responses. The researchers interviewed almost 30,000 people between the ages of 18-34 and asked them to associate what emotions they felt strongest when drinking certain types of alcohol.

The results indicated that people do in fact feel different emotions to different alcohols. We all know about the ‘drunk dial’ or late night ‘booty call’, with 42% of people reporting they feel sexier when drinking spirits, as opposed to 18% when drinking beer. Maybe it’s those beer bellies?

Red wine was the winner for relaxation, with almost 53% of people saying that it made them feel more at peace, with beer at a close second at 50%. Another (not so surprising) discovery is that women are more likely to experience all the listed emotions, except for aggression.

Although we all know the positive emotions alcohol can elicit, there wouldn’t be many people out there who haven’t experienced the other side of the coin. Spirits are more likely to make you feel aggressive, ill, restless and tearful than any other alcohol types, while red wine reportedly just makes everyone feel like hitting the sack and catching some zzz’s.

At Tipple, we are all about drinking responsibly, and the results from this study back us up. The study showed that heavier drinkers were more likely to experience negative emotions such as aggression and teariness.

To make sure you stay happy, sexy and confident, remember to tipple safely!

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