Now that we’ve all returned to work, the dreaded hangover is even more painful; no staying in bed until 1pm or having McDonalds for brunch. Recent studies have suggested hangovers may not be caused by dehydration as previously thought, but by an increase in cytokines which are chemicals normally released when your immune system kicks in. Either way, they are awful and no one wants one.

We all know the occasional declaration of ‘I will never drink again’ when experiencing a particularly bad hangover will never, ever hold out. Instead, let’s find some ways to make the day after a boozy night out a bit more tolerable.

The Classic Fry Up
Sometimes you wake up after a big night and don’t know where your phone is, where your life is going and at what time your dignity decided to leave. We’ve all been there. The one thing you do know at times like these, is that you need bacon and fried eggs, in fact, your life depends on acquiring these fatty treats. Even science agrees with us! Amino acids in the eggs and bacon help to break down acetaldehyde, which makes work for your poor liver easier and the carbohydrates in your toast will help to restore your blood sugar levels.

Lol, just kidding! Go out and get a real hangover.

IV Drips
Mere mortals, save your time and skip to the next tip. This one is reserved for the people who have their hangover from drinking too many bottles of Dom Perignon on their yacht in the south of France.
For a ‘small fee’ the hangover clinic will drive over to you with a nurse and a whole lot of vitamins, some painkillers and anti nausea medication. To save some cash, you can go into their clinic instead. They are popping up everywhere, so to hunt down your closest clinic jump on the Google machine.

Sleeping through hangovers, just like any other problem in life, means you won’t have to deal with it. Plus, you won’t have to send out those ‘what actually happened’ texts for a couple more hours.

Although this one requires a bit more preparation, we’re confident that our Tipplers are up to it. You just need to take 4 tablets with your first alcoholic drink… see not that hard! These wonderful little creations are packed full of amino acids, vitamins, and herbs. They all work really hard to make sure you wake up feeling a fair bit better than you would be without them. Gearing up for a big night? Make sure you throw a pack in with your next Tipple order.

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