Australians have recently been graced with the phenomenon of gin baubles and just when we thought it couldn’t get much better, we’ve partnered with Gingle Bells Gin to deliver them to your door for $2 a pop – that’s 85% off every bauble!

Melbourne Tipplers will be able to grab up to four butterfly pea flower gin baubles this Thursday December 13 for just $2 each.

A magical deep blue Gin infused with Butterfly Pea flowers, it’s the perfect spirit to make the spectacular Purple Rain Cocktail, turning pink and purple when lime juice and tonic is added.

The $2 bauble sale will commence at midday on Thursday and will only be available while stocks last.

Tipple is also offering the complete Gingle Bells gift box for last minute gift requirements, comprising of six unique Gin-infused baubles and a speciality cocktail guide delivered in 30 minutes for $79.95, along with a personalised gift message.

Each colourful bauble is infused with edible flowers and Australian native fruits, with flavours including Wild Hibiscus Flower Gin, Fingerlime Gin, Wattleseed Gin, Pepperberry Gin, Butterfly Pea Flower Gin and Snow Chrysanthemum Gin.

Known as The App That Saved Christmas, Tipple is the saving grace for last minute gift ideas and with over 600 product lines available, there’s guaranteed to be a little something for everyone.

You can check out our gift category or to get in on the $2 Gin baubles madness, visit or download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

This sale won’t last, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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