Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like us, you probably haven’t really paid much attention to the gift-giving part of the holiday season (yet). Oops.

We get it though, it’s a busy time of year and the last thing on your mind is heading to the shops to find the perfect pair of socks for grandad or an overpriced necklace for your bae-of-the-moment.

Whether you’re low on time, strapped for ideas or just lack the care-factor – we’ve got your back. Next time you’re running out the door sans-present, jump onto the Tipple app and hit the gift category to send a gift and avoid showing up red-faced!

Still, no idea where to start? We’ve done the hard work for you and put together the perfect last minute gift guide for everyone in your life! Follow the questions below and save yourself some time this silly season:

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Need more gift ideas? We wouldn’t be The App That Saved Christmas™ if we didn’t have a few more up our sleeves:

For the missus…
If The Fat Jew is riding the Rosé wave, it’s pretty likely that the females in your life are too. Why not take it a notch further and pair a bottle with some strawberries and lemons – that way you can spend the afternoon making home-made frosé – or drinking the frosé they make.

For the sister…
Although we like to think our sisters don’t party as hard as we do, they do – they’re usually at the bar ordering rounds of espresso martinis for their girlfriends. Why not tell them to skip the queue at their local this year and order them a set of pre-mixed Espresso Martinis to lift their pre-game.

For your best friends…
Get your team/squad/gang/group or whatever else you call your mates these days a bottle of your favourite spirit to enjoy together at your next holiday gathering. Vodka is obviously always a favourite and gin is a big crowd pleaser, but tequila is arguably the most ‘fun’ out of all the spirits.

For your parentals…
Your parents are probably the easiest of the bunch. They’ve been drinking alcohol longer than anyone else you know. They know what they like and they likely drink the same drink at every family function. Whether they’re a red, white, beer or spirit drinker, we’ve got you covered. Just don’t get it wrong.

For the colleagues…
Subtly find out where they stand on the whiskey vs gin debate and buy the opposite. Just kidding… but if you’re not that fond of them and it’s for Kris Kringle, that may work?

Tell us where to send it, choose your gift and get it delivered in 30 minutes for all those last-minute Christmas freakouts!

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