Every year, Mother’s Day encourages us to honour our amazing mums and at Tipple, we’re doing just that! Like many, some incredible individuals within the alcohol industry have their mums to thank for influencing their career in liquor.

The mum behind Australia’s most iconic rum

First up, we’re putting the spotlight on Sarah Watson, the super mum behind your favourite rum. Her role as the Innovation & Liquid Development Manager for the Bundaberg Rum Distillery involves leading the creation and development of Australia’s most iconic rum.

For any parent, the balance of work and family life is always a juggling act. As both her family and career are extremely important, Sarah makes sure to have a balanced approach. Bundaberg Rum have been incredibly supportive in this area allowing her to take time off to have a family and grow her career at the same time.

Aside from being the mum of two beautiful young children, Sarah’s day-to-day role involves crafting rums that have been recognised at the highest level in the world. Equipped with a Master in Science, the opportunity arose for Sarah to put her scientific skills and knowledge to good use at the Bundaberg Rum Distillery analysing the flavour DNA profile of the famous spirit.

Sarah attributes her success to the support and encouragement from her mum, having a huge influence on her life overall, especially in terms of her career. Her mother instilled the lesson that if she always worked in an area she loved and was passionate about, she would be successful.

Most Australians have either heard of or tasted Bundaberg Rum, but if you haven’t, guess what? It’s available on Tipple – try the extra smooth Bundaberg Red Rum filtered through red gum charcoal to give it an incredibly smooth taste with notes of brown sugar, toffee and butterscotch.


A mum’s love of gin: Archie Rose Distilling Co

Harriet Leigh, an incredible individual within the alcohol industry, also has her mum to thank for influencing her career in liquor.

Harriet landed her dream job working as the Head of Hospitality at Australia’s most highly awarded distillery, Archie Rose Distilling Co and like her mum, is an avid gin drinker.

Recalling her childhood fondly, she remembers every day at 6pm her mum would have a gin and tonic, a habit Harriet does not regret picking up as ultimately it influenced her career trajectory.

Aside from passing down a love for gin, her mum taught her that whenever she gets a chance in life, she must seize it.

Assisting Archie Rose’s Master Distiller Dave Withers with gin formulation, Harriet brings a lifetime of self-described “connoisseurship” passed down, of course, by her mother.

Archie Rose Distilling Co is one of our favourites and is available on Tipple – try the daring Distiller’s Strength Gin or the classic Signature Dry Gin, each distilled with traditional Australian native botanicals for a truly unique infusion.


With their mum’s support and guidance, both Sarah and Harriet are at the helm of some of Australia’s most notable liquor brands pushing the boundaries to create world-class spirits.

For the lessons they’ve taught us and continue to teach us, it’s safe to say we owe our mums a thank you – or a round on us!

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