Does rum expire? How do you know your beers have gone bad? Spring cleaning is a longstanding tradition worldwide, and a great opportunity to clean and declutter. It’s a chance to align your home with who you are, rather than who you were. But when is the last time you spring cleaned your bar? You may say ‘liquor lasts forever’, but this is not always the case, and not all cleaning has to do with the expiry date. If your bar or cabinet has grown cluttered over the years, this is the spring to do something about it! Learn how to spring clean your bar to make space, rid yourself of the old, and discover what you truly like.


When it comes to the expiry date of beer, there isn’t much separating store bought beers and home brewed beers – what matters is how you store it. Beer usually expires after 6-8 months in the cupboard, while they can last for up to 2 years in the fridge. The telltale sign of an expired beer is the lack of that satisfying ‘psssst’ sound when you open it. If you’ve got any beers you’re unsure of in your fridge or cupboard, we suggest testing one out. If they’ve lost their pizzazz, pour them out. If not, drink them sooner rather than later, or give them to someone who will!


Most of us know that not all wines age well, but how do you know which ones do? The ones with good structure do. Some good-structured red wines and white wines are Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Sangiovese, Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Chardonnay.

However, there are no hard and fast rules, so if you haven’t bought the wine specifically for its aging-properties, we’d suggest cracking it open sooner rather than later. Not only does temperature fluctuations affect the aging process, but wine makers know that most bottles of wine are enjoyed within the first 24 hours after purchase. To cater to this they specifically make their wine taste best young. Leave your wine for too long, and you may be left disappointed.

If your wine is opened, or has even gone a little off – don’t throw it out! You can still use it for cooking, or make a pretty rad red wine vinegar!

Spring clean your spirits and bitters

Does rum and gin expire? Spirits and bitters are famously long lasting, but that doesn’t mean they’re immortal. While some spirits may be fine for more than 10 years after your first sip, most producers recommend finish a bottle 1-2 years after opening it.

When it comes to bitters, we often find that our bottles often stay in our cabinet long after they’re empty. Why? Because they’re often pretty bottles that help make our bar look more comprehensive with them. But there’s no point in keeping them – look at it as a reason to restock instead!

Take stock
Going through your bar cabinet is a great way to rediscover what you’ve really got in there. Unfortunately, so many of us are creatures of habit when it comes down to mixing a cocktail. Do you know what cocktails the contents of your bar cabinet could make? Take stock of what you’ve got and look up some new cocktails. Perhaps you’ll even realise that your ramshackle mix of spirits is only tequila away from making a wicked Long Island Iced Tea.

Does this liquor spark joy?

Yes, it’s time to ‘Marie Kondo’ your liquor cabinet.

Once you’ve found the expired goods and taken stock, it’s time to rid yourself of the bottles that never belonged. Perhaps a colleague gave you a bottle of snake whisky after a trip to Koh Phangan, or you’ve been hanging onto a six pack of beer despite having given up gluten. A spring clean is a chance to clear out what you don’t like in order to give room for what you like. We suggest grabbing every spirit, wine, bitter and mixer and putting them on the table or on the floor. Which ones spark joy? Which ones haven’t you touched in six months or longer? Be selective!

Once you’ve found your undesirables, consider throwing a Spring Clean party to use them all up – we suggest making a punch! You could also give them to a friend you know would appreciate them. If all else fails, thank them for their service, give them a viking burial, and move on.

Spring clean and restock

With all the bottles out of your cabinet, this is a great chance to do some, you know, cleaning. Wipe it down with a wet rag and polish any glass panes. Once everything is back in its spot, assess your bar. Does it have everything it needs? We’re talking spirits, mixers, tools, and proper glasses!

Congrats, you’ve spring cleaned your bar! Why not do the rest of your home too while you’re at it? Cleaning and decluttering is addictive once you start!

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Your Guide to Hosting an Adult Sleepover For Your Friends

Who doesn’t feel nostalgic for childhood sometimes?

Childhood was a wonderful responsibility-free time when hanging out was mostly about spending time with your friends. What activity you did wasn’t as important. Well, sleepovers were the epitome of childhood, and as such, hosting one is the easiest way to get transported back into that pre-adult life before responsibilities and bills, careers, and such. But an adult sleepover can have alcohol too, so it’s actually heaps better. Here’s how you make it a great one!

Be careful about who you invite

It’s so so easy to get loose in the invitation phase and invite a few people who might change the mood you’re trying to set for the night. Perhaps your sleepover plans are at the top of your mind when you bump into an acquaintance at a cafe, and before you know it you blurt out “Wanna come?” and immediately wanna kick yourself in the shins.

Remember, you really don’t have to invite everyone, it’s not your 4th grade birthday party. Don’t be mean about it obvi, but it’s fine to only invite your closest friends.

Boring adult sleepover logistics

Make sure you’ve got enough sleeping space/food/booze for everyone invited. If you don’t, ask people to bring their own. We can also pop by with cold drinks if you’re running low!

Consider the mood you want to set

Ask yourself these two questions:
How do I want people to feel during the sleepover?
How do I want them to feel after the sleepover?

Let the answers to these two guide your choices and you’re a long way towards nailing an adult sleepover.

Make it a little magical

Adult sleepovers should feel a little like regressing back to childhood. Check your worries at the door and chill the fuck out. Changing up your place a little can help your friends do this heaps faster. How? Hang those fairy lights that 14-year-old you flipped out over, and drag your mattress into the living room. Cover it in blankets and pillows and make a blanket fort.

Plan some entertainment

Every friend group is different, and we’re not gonna pretend like we know yours. But what we do know is that everyone needs some entertainment. Whether that’s board games, karaoke, drinking games, face masks, dancing, chats, video games, or movies all night – that’s up to you. Just make sure you’ve got ample options available to keep everyone happy.

Plan super easy foods and drinks (and a TON of it!)

No one wants to be in the kitchen when fun’s being had in the living room. Easy does it, so stock up on frozen pizzas, entertainer spring rolls, garlic bread, and all the crisps and chocolate in the known universe.

For drinks, think premixers, wine and beer, or perhaps even a jumbo bowl of punch! Running low on alcohol is the bane of any adult sleepover, so be the Host With the Most and order top ups until 11pm!

No adult sleepover is complete without breakfast mimosas

Your gang awakes in the morning, either smooth skinned and glowy from a night of pampering, or bleary-eyed and headachey from one too many tequila shots, to a MIMOSA BREKKIE! Yep, it’s the best and not very expensive. Your mimosas can even be delivered cold to your door, so you don’t have to worry about fridge space.

Have fun

The best way you can make sure your guests have fun is to have fun yourself, and don’t get too frustrated if plans change or if people chat through the movie. Hey, listen, you’ll knock it out of the park.

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