At Tipple, we know the value of tiptop Friday office drinks firsthand. We’ve learned a few things along the way about what makes them great, and one of the things that can make or break a night is what is being served. Let’s just say no one gets excited about lukewarm beers or Gossips white wine. Yee-nothanks-haw.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite Friday drinks (spirits not included) so that you can be your office’s very favourite person every Friday.

The office drinks beers

Coopers, Asahi
Andrew (Design)
Classic, drinkable beers is a choice that’ll never offend anyone. “I enjoy Coopers just to have a normal beer that’s refreshing after a week’s work.”

James (Marketing)
Budweiser? You may ask, but hear James out.
“I like Budweiser. It’s light, super easy to drink and you won’t feel bloated and gassy afterward!” That’s what we call foresight.

Double IPA
Mark (Support)
Extra hoppy, super refreshing. Double IPAs is the brew of choice for people who enjoy IPAs but want a little extra kick. According to Mark; “a few Double IPAs is the way to finish the week off and get the weekend started.”
Shane (Product) agrees.
“Love a double IIPA. It’s got the kick you need after a big week. Only need a couple as they are nice and strong and full of flavour. I love the style as it has a complexity of character similar to a fine wine (which is my favourite).”

Craft Beers (preferably Australian)
Dwight (Developer)
Yes. Yes we have a Dwight in our office.

“For me, nothing beats a cold craft beer to wind down a busy week. fresh and hoppy, fruity and sour, dark and roasty. There’s a beer for every mood or season and I love being able to explore all ends of the beer spectrum.”

The Wine

Sasha (Office Manager)
Wine is a surefire winner at office drinks, and doesn’t cost too much. To mix up the old Chardonnay, consider grabbing a couple of bottles of rosés instead! “A good Rosé is not too sweet, not too dry, is refreshing on a hot day, but also so drinkable in winter. It’s a good all-rounder for me!”

Natalie (Product)
Nothing says end-of-week celebrations like sparkling, and prosecco is a popular and affordable choice. “Prosecco makes for a great summertime drink. It’s refreshing, mood enhancing and tastes amazing – everything you’d want after a long week at work!”

The Wildcards

Vodka Cruisers
Gabby (Design)
A bit of fun never killed anyone. It’s not the first time we admit that at Tipple we love a Cruiser as much as the next person. “Sweet, boozy, and bubbly, it’s the birthday soda of adults! It’s not very expensive, and some people will be positively tickled by the unexpected addition.” We’re in love with the pink Vodka Cruiser, but don’t be afraid to experiment.

Ginger Beer
Mathilde (Content)
You don’t want your office’s Friday knockoffs to be known for the same drinks every time. Mix it up, try something new, and see what people enjoy! “I wouldn’t want more than one or two, but I always love it when the office orders something unexpected like ginger beer.”

Ryan (CEO) (and everyone above, too)
Yes, yes so we said we’d stay clear of the spirits. But rules are made to be broken. When asked, the Tipple office unanimously agreed Negronis would Make. Their. Night. If you want to make your Friday drinks a little extra special every now and then, maybe opt for a mixed drink – just make sure it’s not too strong.

Ask your team!
The best way for you to nail your office drinks is to ask your team. Not only does it make your job that much easier, but it makes everyone feel valued when you take the time to ask them what they like!

Keep it cool

Take from this what you may, but one thing is for certain – the drinks need to be cold cold cold. Everyone’s keen on ice cold, refreshing drinks, regardless of it being a prosecco, a negroni, or a craft beer. The easiest way to fuddle up work drinks is to serve them lukewarm, so make sure you chill them properly, or better yet, have them delivered ice cold.

Planning your next – or first – office drinks? We’re ready to help you make them one to remember, while staying on budget.

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Your Guide to Hosting an Adult Sleepover For Your Friends

Who doesn’t feel nostalgic for childhood sometimes?

Childhood was a wonderful responsibility-free time when hanging out was mostly about spending time with your friends. What activity you did wasn’t as important. Well, sleepovers were the epitome of childhood, and as such, hosting one is the easiest way to get transported back into that pre-adult life before responsibilities and bills, careers, and such. But an adult sleepover can have alcohol too, so it’s actually heaps better. Here’s how you make it a great one!

Be careful about who you invite

It’s so so easy to get loose in the invitation phase and invite a few people who might change the mood you’re trying to set for the night. Perhaps your sleepover plans are at the top of your mind when you bump into an acquaintance at a cafe, and before you know it you blurt out “Wanna come?” and immediately wanna kick yourself in the shins.

Remember, you really don’t have to invite everyone, it’s not your 4th grade birthday party. Don’t be mean about it obvi, but it’s fine to only invite your closest friends.

Boring adult sleepover logistics

Make sure you’ve got enough sleeping space/food/booze for everyone invited. If you don’t, ask people to bring their own. We can also pop by with cold drinks if you’re running low!

Consider the mood you want to set

Ask yourself these two questions:
How do I want people to feel during the sleepover?
How do I want them to feel after the sleepover?

Let the answers to these two guide your choices and you’re a long way towards nailing an adult sleepover.

Make it a little magical

Adult sleepovers should feel a little like regressing back to childhood. Check your worries at the door and chill the fuck out. Changing up your place a little can help your friends do this heaps faster. How? Hang those fairy lights that 14-year-old you flipped out over, and drag your mattress into the living room. Cover it in blankets and pillows and make a blanket fort.

Plan some entertainment

Every friend group is different, and we’re not gonna pretend like we know yours. But what we do know is that everyone needs some entertainment. Whether that’s board games, karaoke, drinking games, face masks, dancing, chats, video games, or movies all night – that’s up to you. Just make sure you’ve got ample options available to keep everyone happy.

Plan super easy foods and drinks (and a TON of it!)

No one wants to be in the kitchen when fun’s being had in the living room. Easy does it, so stock up on frozen pizzas, entertainer spring rolls, garlic bread, and all the crisps and chocolate in the known universe.

For drinks, think premixers, wine and beer, or perhaps even a jumbo bowl of punch! Running low on alcohol is the bane of any adult sleepover, so be the Host With the Most and order top ups until 11pm!

No adult sleepover is complete without breakfast mimosas

Your gang awakes in the morning, either smooth skinned and glowy from a night of pampering, or bleary-eyed and headachey from one too many tequila shots, to a MIMOSA BREKKIE! Yep, it’s the best and not very expensive. Your mimosas can even be delivered cold to your door, so you don’t have to worry about fridge space.

Have fun

The best way you can make sure your guests have fun is to have fun yourself, and don’t get too frustrated if plans change or if people chat through the movie. Hey, listen, you’ll knock it out of the park.

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