Throwing Friday drinks at the office is a much needed service, but throwing great Friday drinks is an artform. To help our fellow Aussie offices throw memorable work drinks,

we thought they might want to know just why they’re so important in the first place. From staff acquisition to fighting burnout, quality office beers can be the business investment you’ve been looking for!

Why you should have office drinks at all

No matter the size of your team, if your office doesn’t already have Friday knockoff beers, this is your time to turn that around. After all, Friday drinks is to Australia what punctuality is to Germany. It’s what IKEA is to Sweden, what Carnaval is to Brazil, and what saying ‘deck’ with an i is to the Kiwis.

It’s the glue that keeps people together, and what keeps the week – nay, year – moving forward. Not only is it a great opportunity for employees to unwind, mingle, and connect after a long week, but a chance for your company culture to thrive over time. After all, how is Karen from Marketing meant to meet Samantha from Finance, or Chris from Tech without them? After work drinks is a chance to turn coworkers into friends!

A correlation has been found between Friday Drinks and employee acquisition and retention, especially when it comes to Millennials. Not only is it an incentive for staff performance (and a way to make staff feel appreciated), but it’s a great end to the week celebration. No wonder Google, Facebook, and other forward-thinking Silicon Valley start-ups all offer up office drinks to their employees.

Office drinks are on the retreat

A few weeks ago, we ran an unscientific, very small poll on our socials. We came to the shocking realisation that not nearly enough Aussie offices have Friday drinks. It was a clean 50/50 tie between those who had them, and those who didn’t. We dug deeper, and found that office drinks in general have been silently on the decline for a while in Australia. While nearly 90% of the Aussie workforce drinks alcohol, fewer and fewer do so at the office. Why is that?

A significant number of Aussie employees said they didn’t like their workplace or coworkers enough to spend more time with them after work, and would rather hit the road than grab a beer with their team. For an office that loves spending time together, this floored us!

Long term, this lack of genuine socialisation at work can lead to social tension and even staff burnout. Considering us nine-to-fivers spend a majority of our waking hours at the office – should it really be all work and no play?

A way to combat this 5.30 flight is to incorporate office drinks during paid office hours. Can’t leave when you’re on the clock! Ours start at 4pm.

Why you shouldn’t half-ass it

Buying a couple of lukewarm slabs from the corner bottle-o, or a box of Passion Pops simply isn’t enough. Why? Because as much as you may not want to believe it, Friday drinks is less about the alcohol people are consuming, and more about the complete experience of the evening. After all, you want people to mingle and loosen up, not just have a quick beer at their desk before heading home. Plus, people can smell half-assing two miles away.

This is your chance as management to show your people that they are truly valued! We’re not saying blow your budget, just don’t go for the cheapest option. Why? Because everyone who’s been a 20-something-year-old in Australia knows what the cheapest option is.

How you can make your office drinks better

Ask people what they want – this one is a given. Every office is different, and the best way to make sure yours fits your employees is to ask them what they want! You’ll be amazed at all the great ideas you’ll get, plus people love feeling important and appreciated.

Rope in an accomplice – it takes a village to throw great office drinks. Single out a person (or a few) in your office who’s great at rallying people and instigate fun. Ask them if they would like to help you out with throwing office drinks!

Budget realistically – office drinks are ace, but don’t go over budget to please the people. Equally, don’t try to save in every way you can either. You really ought to see your office drinks as a long term investment.

Host during office hours – the best way to increase participation and socialising is to host your drinks during office hours. The standard is 4pm, but feel free to find a model that suits your company.

Make sure people don’t overdo it – office drinks are great fun, but should still be professional. Avoid spirits and make sure employees know there’s a limit to how much they should drink, without seeming like the fun police. If they want to keep the party going with their coworkers post-work hours, they should take it offsite.

Read our blog on great Friday drinks options – if you’re unsure of what to serve, don’t hesitate to read our blog on our 10 favourite office drinks, or reach out to our friendly team.

Serve up some non-alcoholic options – the modern Australian office is increasingly diverse, and making sure you’ve got something for everyone is key.

Make sure your drinks are icy cold – lukewarm drinks are never a winner. Chill drinks well in advance, or better yet, have them delivered ice cold!

Invest in some snacks
A little goes a long way when it comes to office drinks snacks. Some cheese, dips, and crackers, or even just some bags of chips will go well with your drinks, and keep people from potentially drinking on an empty stomach.

We Got You!

Offices Melbourne- and Sydney-wide throw exciting work drinks every week with our help! We help businesses stay on budget and offer up drinks their coworkers love. Need help selecting wine and beer for your next office drinks? Don’t hesitate to browse our app, or get in touch.

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Your Guide to Hosting an Adult Sleepover For Your Friends

Who doesn’t feel nostalgic for childhood sometimes?

Childhood was a wonderful responsibility-free time when hanging out was mostly about spending time with your friends. What activity you did wasn’t as important. Well, sleepovers were the epitome of childhood, and as such, hosting one is the easiest way to get transported back into that pre-adult life before responsibilities and bills, careers, and such. But an adult sleepover can have alcohol too, so it’s actually heaps better. Here’s how you make it a great one!

Be careful about who you invite

It’s so so easy to get loose in the invitation phase and invite a few people who might change the mood you’re trying to set for the night. Perhaps your sleepover plans are at the top of your mind when you bump into an acquaintance at a cafe, and before you know it you blurt out “Wanna come?” and immediately wanna kick yourself in the shins.

Remember, you really don’t have to invite everyone, it’s not your 4th grade birthday party. Don’t be mean about it obvi, but it’s fine to only invite your closest friends.

Boring adult sleepover logistics

Make sure you’ve got enough sleeping space/food/booze for everyone invited. If you don’t, ask people to bring their own. We can also pop by with cold drinks if you’re running low!

Consider the mood you want to set

Ask yourself these two questions:
How do I want people to feel during the sleepover?
How do I want them to feel after the sleepover?

Let the answers to these two guide your choices and you’re a long way towards nailing an adult sleepover.

Make it a little magical

Adult sleepovers should feel a little like regressing back to childhood. Check your worries at the door and chill the fuck out. Changing up your place a little can help your friends do this heaps faster. How? Hang those fairy lights that 14-year-old you flipped out over, and drag your mattress into the living room. Cover it in blankets and pillows and make a blanket fort.

Plan some entertainment

Every friend group is different, and we’re not gonna pretend like we know yours. But what we do know is that everyone needs some entertainment. Whether that’s board games, karaoke, drinking games, face masks, dancing, chats, video games, or movies all night – that’s up to you. Just make sure you’ve got ample options available to keep everyone happy.

Plan super easy foods and drinks (and a TON of it!)

No one wants to be in the kitchen when fun’s being had in the living room. Easy does it, so stock up on frozen pizzas, entertainer spring rolls, garlic bread, and all the crisps and chocolate in the known universe.

For drinks, think premixers, wine and beer, or perhaps even a jumbo bowl of punch! Running low on alcohol is the bane of any adult sleepover, so be the Host With the Most and order top ups until 11pm!

No adult sleepover is complete without breakfast mimosas

Your gang awakes in the morning, either smooth skinned and glowy from a night of pampering, or bleary-eyed and headachey from one too many tequila shots, to a MIMOSA BREKKIE! Yep, it’s the best and not very expensive. Your mimosas can even be delivered cold to your door, so you don’t have to worry about fridge space.

Have fun

The best way you can make sure your guests have fun is to have fun yourself, and don’t get too frustrated if plans change or if people chat through the movie. Hey, listen, you’ll knock it out of the park.

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