Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Return! You spoke, and we listened. Customers and Tipple team members alike have asked for a bag return scheme, and now it’s finally happening.

Starting from November 2019, you can now return your Tipple bags to be used, reused, and used again.

Choose to keep or return your bag

If you love your Tipple bags, don’t worry – they’re still yours to keep if you wish! We know a lot of our customers love their Tipple bags, and that makes us really happy! Made with care from fully recyclable Polypropylene (PP) (a type 5 plastic), they’re built to last, and are great for carrying shopping, storing things around the house, and many other uses (one of our Tipple team uses theirs to store wetsuits post-surfing!).

But for many of us, there’s no use for extra bags around the house. Instead, stray plastic bags just seem to multiply in the kitchen cupboard. Well, we’re doing something about that.

How our bag return scheme works ♷

It’s super simple, really – the way every good thing should be.


“Hey I’d like to return this bag.”



To return your bag, simply let our driver know that you’d like to return the bag you just received, or any old bags you’ve held onto from previous orders. That’s it. They’re happy to bring it back to the store to be used again for the next order!

But first, some bag return ground rules!

We only ask that the bags you return are clean and intact so that the next Tippler receives a bag that’s as good as new, too. If you’ve got Tipple bags around the house that aren’t reusable (think broken handle, scratched or torn plastic, etc), but that are still clean, they can still be recycled through Woolies and other soft plastic recycling schemes. The Tipple bag even makes a pretty good soft-plastics carry bag.

Help us improve!

Trialling our return scheme, we would love your input and thoughts to make it better for you, us, and the planet. If you’ve got thoughts, simply reach out to us through Facebook or Instagram, through our website, or at

The whole Tipple team

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