We don't accept cancellations on orders that are in transit. That means, once you hit "TIPPLE ME", your order has been processed and is considered in transit.

Conversely, there may be circumstances where tipple will need to cancel your order. These circumstances may include refusal of delivery if you,

  • a) refuse to produce acceptable proof of ID;
  • b) appear intoxicated;
  • c) are a Minor or supplying to a Minor.

In any of these cases, you will be will be subject to a restocking fee of $10 and the delivery charge.

If, in the case where your order cannot be fulfilled due to a stocking reason, tipple will call your designated mobile phone number to discuss alternative options. If you decide against alternatives offered, tipple will refund that item from your order.


You will be entitled to a refund or replacement on particular items of your order if,

  • a) tipple cannot fulfill your order due to a stocking reason;
  • b) item/s from your order has/ve been delivered damaged;
  • c) items from your order are incorrect upon delivery.

You will not be entitled to a refund or replacement in the cases where,

  • a) you have changed your mind on your order;
  • b) you ordered the wrong product;
  • c) found the product cheaper elsewhere;
  • d) found a better product elsewhere.